Is it normal for a guy to want to be in a relationship after maybe 5 times of talking on the PHONE?

Title really says it all. I know every ones different. But is my feelings of it being to soon normal to most people. Or is it a more common thing now a days lol.


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  • More so at your age and younger.

    • Why is that though? I mean I think I know why. But I guess I'd maybe prefer it to be the other way instead and take time to really get to know each others ins and outs even still if you know you like them before getting into a relationship. Also do you think people my age are less serious about relationships and that's why? Sorry so many questions. I'm a sheltered girly lol.

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    • We just really clicked and she was pretty and sweet so why wouldn't I want her to be my gf. We didn't work out because we jumped into it head first without really knowing eachother. Until a certain age say I don't know twenty three most people that I knew jumped into relatio ships. Hell my best friend jumped into a relationship a year ago. At my age and older its not as common but if you're younger its very common. In tenth grade a girl asked me to be her bf and I never even spoke with her but she thought I was cute and funny.

    • Awww that's sweet about that girl. I just want somethin that has the potential to be lasting , so I don't get hurt. So I don't know if that's a red flag for a relationship to ask sooner like that or not. But I guess you never know unless you'd try.

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  • Well if you enjoyed talking on the phone with each other (and I assume it was for a long period of time for each call) and both of you are single why would it not be normal? Everyone's different and maybe you're starting to get attached and see that person differently. He could be thinking the same thing. Some fall faster than others. You just gotta find out if you both are on the same page or not.

    • I enjoy it. But at the same time we still don't talk much , like we will be on the phone for I guess you could say a long period of time, but without saying much. He says he feels comfortable with me, and then the relationship thing he has brought up. But that's all he has said. Guess I'm just confused aha.

    • Does that change anything btw?

    • Yeah, that does. I can't really dictate what is normal and what is not. Normal is subjective. Do you like him overall? Would you like to give it a try and see where it goes?

  • I don't know about normal but it's not healthy. Listen to your feelings and drop this guy.

    • Drop him? Or maybe just say I need some time to know you first? Or is it a pretty bad sign or something?

  • Seriously? No, it's not normal, End of story. :)


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