Women, do you prefer your partners chest to be shaven, or hairy?

I used to have a very hairy chest, but I was with a woman for a while who wanted me to shave it. Then, after we broke up the first few women I was with after, loved my hairy chest.

As a woman, what do you prefer?


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  • Ideally a guy that doesn't have chest hair. For example, my boyfriend is Asian and when cuddling and I rest my head on his chest I love how smooth it is.

    Not that I'd be opposed to a guy with chest hair though, should he happen to have some!

    • hehe you could make a coat out of mine when i do not shave, lol

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    • I'm curious what sort of kisses those are? When I give my guy kisses on the chest, they're pecks. Can't imagine getting a hairball should he have chest hair from that!

    • More erotic kisses, as in sucking, biting there

  • I prefer a man who doesn't even grow chest hair, but if he does then k rather him leave it than shave because it just feels gross whem they shave it amd prickly. I don't like it.

  • Shaven is my preference but I am not going to make my man shave.


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