Not sure if I should just move on or what? A girl that's his friend told me he was seeing someone else but?

My friend set me up with this guy I like. Back in Dec. We went with friends to an amusement park and split up. I injured my knee that week and he knew so he always offered to sit down. We talked a lot and it was not awkward at all. Since there was a thick crowd he always held onto my lower back and wanted to lead instead of me. It seemed like he liked me because he walked me to my car, held my hand, talked a bit personal, touched my lower back and hinted at he liked short girls. So we parted and we both said next time. Our 2nd date was almost a fail. He spent his money on his parents for Christmas so he didn't have money to spend. His room mate happen to have the stomach flu so he at the house. My room mates were still at mine. We ended up having a picnic at the park and just staying in his car since it got cold quick. He cooked for me and remembered I do not eat pork or beef. It seemed like he liked me because he kissed me, we held hands, we cuddled in the back (he has a truck), it seemed like he wanted to get to know me, he kept making sure I was warm since I get cold easily, again he was very personal and he made me laugh. Both dates we made each other laugh. He told me he wanted to see me again and this time he would call me.
However, he doesn't text me or we don't text, we don't call it seems like there is no chase. It was weeks and I didn't hear from him new years passed by and I didn't get a text or a call when I sent one. I talked to his friend and he said he's not the type to talk to multiple girls at once and he was with him during new years. That night he lost his phone. So I was like k sure. When school began again I saw him around campus but we never spoke to each other. I confronted him over text saying he just went on dates to be nice to me. He told me I was wrong and that he wouldn't waste his days with just anyone. He kept defending himself. He said he's going through a lot rn so he can't handle a relationship. He promised he's OK he'll take me out.

*He promised that when he's OK he'll take me out
Two of his friends that are girls tell me he was seeing someone else. His other friends say he is not the type to mess with a girls feelings. But we don't communicate over anything.


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  • He isn't interested. Regardless of what a guy is dealing with, if he wants to date a girl, he will do anything to make it happen. Don't chase him, let it go.

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