What do you think of online relationships?

Well so I met this guy right. he is from Phoenix Arizona. Well I guess you could say that I like him. well he likes me. But I don't know if its good to have an online relationship. Ya we been knowing each other for a while. N well he asked me out. So I said yes. I do like him. But I don't know what to do. Should I stay with him. Or should I walk away. Does long distance and online relationships work. Please help me. I'm so confused. For some reason I just can't answer my own? 's all of a sudden. I never had an online relationship. Omg I'm so ashamed of myself. But please just help me.


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Ok ppl thanks for helping me...but I'm not on the relationship no more..n well ya you were right they don't work..but thanks.bye..


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  • Yeah they can work out, but you have to be ever so careful!

    I started talking to a guy via a social networking site and he seemed cool. We started talking more and it was becoming obvious that he kinda liked me. I thought it was going to work out. He wasn't actually on the other side of the country/world, he lived about 5 miles away, and he was a friend of a friend. I agreed to meet him.

    Biggest. Mistake. Ever.

    Let's just say he was an octopus who wanted more than he was getting. Thankfully I wasn't hurt although I do have regrets. Now I'm extremely careful with who I contact online.

    Around the same time I started contacting a guy who I met through a forum. He was the same age and we had similar personalities, but sadly he lived at the other end of the country. However there was something that really attracted me to him from the moment I met him. We eventually exchanged msn contacts and started talking more until we got out of contact due to our exams. I realised that after a few weeks that I missed talking to him and mailed him. A few days later he replied and since then we started talking more and more. Then one day he asked me to go with him to a concert in the summer. So I got him to buy the tickets and started thinking on how I could get my parents to let me go.

    Eventually I picked up the courage to ask him for his mobile and then eventually his home number and he gave me both. I had thought of different plans on how I could get round my parents, this was until I realised that the easiest way was to be truthful and tell them out straight. And I did. Surprisingly my parents went with it as long as my mum got to meet him and his mum before the summer. So last week after a year and a half since I first came in contact with him, I made the 500 mile journey to go meet him.

    I was nervous, but after saying hi and giving him a hug everything went PERFECTLY. I have to say compared to the first time I met a guy over the internet, that day was heaven!

    I have to admit, I felt slightly ashamed about meeting a guy through a forum, but now I'm accepting it and so are my friends (although I do get the occasional jibe). And although we're not a couple, we are very, VERY close friends and were taking things slowly. I hope that maybe someday well get together, but I plan to let time and fate have its way. The distance is very hard to deal with, but if you have the patience it will work. If you're uncomfortable at all (which you appear to be), PLEASE WALK AWAY! I was uncomfortable with the first guy but I ignored it, I wish Id listened to myself.

    Remember you don't know this guy until you've met him, you don't know who he is or where he's really from. He might not even be a guy! So be careful, and even though I have met someone great online, I've met multiple other guys who are definitely not who they say they are. If you're having doubts, walk away while you have the chance. Its true what they say, be safe and not sorry =]


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  • Long distant relationships rarely ever work out because you cannot be with them all the time. Success is rare. But if the relationship is an open sex-fling, then it may turn out ok. For everything else, try someone closer unless one of you is willing to move to the other permanently.

    Online relationships are beginning to be a baaaad thing no thanks to all the spammers, cons and fakers out there. They used to work fine until now. I hate the current situation now with online dating. But when it did work, online dating worked for women very well while most men suffered just as equally as in real dating.

    Not the kind of news you probably wanted to hear, but don't be too surprised if this long distance thing does not work out. But if you are capable of meeting him once, why not. You might get that. 0005% happy meeting where you two live happily ever after.

  • OK; I'm going to answer this question again, as I see it. I've commented many times about it on this site. Yes, long-distance online relationships can and do work, if both of you try to make it so. However, in your case, I have to agree with one of the other people who commented here. You do appear to be too young to pursue such a relationship. If you ever do meet him, make sure its in a safe, public, place because there are a lot of internet predators out there. Internet dating requires much patience and hard work to meet the right one. After meeting several women online, I have managed to find the love of my life. I have known her for two years, now! Is this rare? I couldn't really say; I only know that it worked for me. That's why I sat it can!

  • I don't think so, but there are many examples that prove me wrong.

    In my experience, I have only seen/heard it working for people to uncomfortable with themselves to meets others in real life

    In your case, did you meet this guy in person originally - or online?


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  • I'm talking to a guy right now that I met online and we just click. we've been communicating now for 3 months almost and we've been talking on the phone for a month, so I feel that I pretty much know him. we've never met, yet we both feel as if we already know each other personally. we're just waiting till the Summer to met in person and I can't wait. I love him and I trust him wholeheartedly. we've told each other pretty much everything about each other so I have no worries. when I do meet him, I plan to have either my aunt or mom with me so I'll be safe.

  • Have you ever met this guy before? Because I know people that have went missing after meeting up with someone they met online its not a good idea at all hunni I'm sure there are plenty guys out there where you live for you your only young you don't need to be getting people on the internet you can find plenty in your everyday life! I just don't agree with this especially when your under 18 as of the things I know to of happened to people I know xx

    • Well no honestly no I haven't met this guy. But ya you are right that I'm young. N yes I could get guys really fast but I don't know there's just something about this guy. Who knows maybe I could be wrong. But thanks for your answer.

    • Honestly I'm not saying all guys but most decent guys who are nice guys don't need to go on the internet to find somebody so that is also something to be wary about because lets face it there's a lot of sick people out there

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