Girls: How do you like your date to dress?

Say for example you're first meeting, and the most strenuous task you'll be doing is skating and walking around. (Take your pick of first casual date)

Would you prefer your date dressed in business casual (tucked in dress shirt, dress pants, dress shoes). Or would you like it better if it was just jeans and a T-Shirt.

I realize it would be inappropriate to wear business casual to wall climbing for example.

Personally I like wearing business casual, I feel great and in control when I wear it, but I've heard that girls don't like it when the guy dresses better than them and it can be a turnoff?



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  • Hm well I'd want you to be comfortable in your clothing but all at the same time wearing business casual when your wall climbing can give off the wrong vibe and also make the girl feel undressed and this makes it a little awkward for us.

  • A buttoned down shirt with curled up sleeves (such a turn on), some nice fitting jeans and sneaks.


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