How do I become less shy around my crush/pep club date?

First off, I am the shyest person in my whole school. I rarely talk to anyone unless I really want to talk to them. I have most of my classes with my crush/pep club date and I can't see to talk to him face-to-face. Everything I've told him about pep club was through text and everytime we are actually with each other i am so quiet it's unbelievable. What should I do?


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  • I use to be just like this and I learned that I just need to push myself. Pretend like he is just another one of your friends or your brother. Don't think so hard about your feelings towards him and just forces more on talking to him.

    I am dating my best friend from high school and like you I couldn't talk to him alone, I started making sure my mutual friends were right where so I could talk to him comfortably without getting all scared. After a little bit we became best friends. Talked and hung out all the time and are now living happily together <3

    you just have to push yourself a little and take a risk. I know it might be scary but you need to step out of your shell once in a while and enjoy life without thinking or getting scared. Be yourself and everything will work out! Good luck! :)


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