Experience? Is it really that important?

I've never really been on a date, and I've never had a GF... I'm 19 so I have no experience. I haven't even had my first kiss yet.

But I'm a little worried about being alone and stuff, but I just want to know if experience is really that big of a deal to you ladies... I mean, personally I think when someone comes along and both people really like each other, experience isn't gonna matter because its just gonna happen.

I'm not too good about asking girls out either... I don't really feel ready for a relationship, I want too be ready, but I'm not I don't think.

But idk. Just wondering! :)


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  • MATE! Have you seen the movie "Waiting" with Ryan Renolds?!? ...COME ON...

    Are you serious?!?! Listen to yourself! How many times did you say "think"! Stop with the thinking! Geez! You keep that up and people will talk you into getting a boyfriend instead of a girlfriend!

    Mate! Its simple! Hit the town with some buddys. Have a couple of beers/scotches...slippery nipples (whatever is your thing) so you have some "false confidence" then with your wing men in tow walk up to a chic and say ...wait for it... Hi! How are you? or Hello! Fun place. Want a drink! DON'T SAY -> Come here often? OR GREETINGS FELLOW HUMAN! all bad...

    Anyway bud, have a "think" about NOT THINKING about it! You know what chics are attracted too!?!? (Correct me if I'm worng ladies) CONFIDENCE and a bloke having a good time! They'll come to you when they see your having a good time and relaxed!

    - Rusty from Aust

    P.S. Are you in US? What's the drinking age over there? Bugger... well have a lemonade or juice or whatever kids drink these days. out

    • Well this was directed more to the ladies... I was asking them if a guy with no dating experience would have a chance basically. Also drink age is 21. And no sorry a Boyfriend is not my style.

      I'm not looking for a girl at the bar either. But thanks for the advice.

  • Most will boast about how much experience will matter, or mostly guys will claim "I'm great in bed, because I've been with X many girls." But in fact it is irrelevant. I mean, if you've been with the same girl for forever and a day, you accumulate experience WITH HER, but unfortunately, not all girls like/dislike the exact same thing. Experience in the sheets is simply a placebo. A feel good for your self esteem, but nothing that will matter. Communication is what you are looking for. whether on a date, talking, or in the sheets, you can learn to communicate by reading her body language, and look for cues to see immediately if she likes/dislikes what's going on. Pick up a copy of "The Power of Body Language" by Tonya Reiman. it's an easy read, and WELL worth it

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