When receiving a gift from girls, do guys think deeper about their relationships (friends vs. more than friend) ?

Say a guy received a thank-you/christmas gift from girl by surprise, would he consider the girls motives? And what does it say if he writes a thank you note/email?


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  • Do girls give gifts because they like a guy? I never knew that. I guess I answered your question there lol.

    • at least the girl doesn't hate the guy right? what did it mean to you before?

    • She was just a nice girl.

What Girls Said 1

  • If they were already good friends, then no. If not, yes. And it's nice that he gave you a thank you note. Would you please look at my most recent question? Thanks!

    • what do you think the thank you note says about his thoughts? And which question are you referring to, if you give me a link, i'll look at it

    • If the thank you note is long and personal, then he's definitely into you. If it's short, it's hard to tell. He may still be into you but not very articulate about it. Or he may just be trying to be nice. www.girlsaskguys.com/.../

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