Desperately need help with mixed signals?

So there is this cute guy at school and I always look at him and he seems to notice and then he looks away shyly. I gave him a Christmas gram with marshmallows saying "I like you💕" and he was curious as to who it was. I get the feeling he thinks it's me. But lately he has been sitting closer to me in class and staring at me a lot. Today he sat close to me and kept looking back at me. And yesterday he went my way (lately he's been going my routes to my classes) and he was walking and looked back stared at me for a while and then walked again. And sometimes he looks at me and looks down. I JUST DONT UNDERSTAND!😭


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  • It sounds like he likes you he probably looks down cuz he's shy.. I'm shy and we tend to hide our feelings so he probably doesn't want you getting suspicious about him liking you

    • That makes so much sense!! He even covers me when I get the answer wrong... Thank you a lot

    • No problem :)

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