I've never really enjoyed them. Kisses are just kisses?

I just came back from a date with the dude I really like. I felt nervous up until the kiss was about to happen and I asked if we could try it again about 3 times. I didn't feel anything during the kisses, it wasn't like a big deal like I thought it would be. I wasn't disgusted or anything, it was just ok is that all.

I mean in the past kissing hadn't been anything great to me anyway. I just wondered if this was normal to feel like this?


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  • I don't use the words normal or abnormal. I've replaced them with majority and minority. In my experience I would say you're in the minority on this. Most women I've been with say kissing to them is more intimate than sex. Just because you're in the minority doesn't mean there's something wrong or weird about you


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