Make or break fourth date. Help me solve this mystery?

Hello everyone,

Could use some advice. So I've recently started online dating. I'm 25 and own a couple companies so I don't have time to meet people in the "traditional way". Anyway, I met this girl online and we've gone on three dates. I've been on my fair share of dates but there is something very different about her. After our third date she went to South America for a week and a half. She returned four days ago and since then things have felt off. I texted her on Tuesday to ask how her trip went and to see if she would like to go out later in the week. She said her trip was really nice and that she was going to see what her week looked like and would shoot me a text. I said "Sounds good". It's Thursday night now and we haven't talked since. Based on a bunch of factors, I have a bad feeling that I may never receive that text. I have a couple theories why:

1. We didn't have a ton of physical contact on our dates. We kissed on all three dates but due to the circumstances and where we were at the time, we haven't really "made out" yet. She may feel like we lacked sexual chemistry.
2. While I've tried to tone it down, she may have noticed my interest in her. I may not have "played the game" very well and there's a chance she lost the thrill of the chase.

I normally would just walk away now but there is something very different about this girl. I'm confident that if I can get her on a fourth date that I could turn things around. Our communication has been all through texts up to this point. Any suggestions on when I should try to contact her again (if at all) and what I should say to regain her interest and eventually get that fourth date?


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  • I think it's too soon to tell. If there's no response by Sunday I would try to give her a call. It's better to sort these things out when you can hear the person speaking, not agonize over interpreting their texts. Chin up! If that doesn't work, there are plenty of other ladies out there :) Would you look at mine please? Thanks!


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