How do I go about trying to start a conversation with this girl I added to Twitter a while back?

I added this girl to my Twitter like a month or so ago after I meet her at a local bar one night. its not a site I'm that familiar with and her profile was full of embarrassing posts so maybe she didn't know what to say to me and didn't think I'd see her page.
but anyways I added her and haven't really talked to her yet but though she was into me the night we meet. should I like reply to one of her posts? like something ( I did that allready a photo of hers but didn't hear anything back ) ask for her # maybe?


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  • :) Have you considered just messaging her seeing if she wanted to grab a coffee? Might be a bit unexpected however if you wanted to see if she was into you or available that works like a charm...

    When I receive a message like "Hey! We met a while back at *the bars name* and I was wondering if you maybe want to grab a coffee sometime this week my treat?" I immediately say one of three sentences - sure, I'm free... OR I'm a bit busy right now, maybe next... OR I'd like to but I have a lot on the go...

    **Now, if a girl can't make arrangements to meet up for two hours to chat then she's not into you, this is within a given time period mind you, I get there is responsibilities. Two weeks would be the maximum wait period, anything after that if she is interested she'd ask you. Texting sometimes gives off the wrong impressions.


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