Advice on whether a first date went well from the ladies please?

So just last night I met up with a girl for a few drinks. I wasn't even calling it a date seeing as we met on tinder and had never actually met, but the conversation via texting was really good for like 2 weeks straight, so I decided to see if that translated into the real world.

Basically, drinks turned into dinner (her suggestion), and then about 3 hours in we went for some more drinks elsewhere (her suggestion again) and then another place (my suggestion). I also had to take a bus home, as she lives a bit out of the city and I have never been there; instead of telling me how to get back to the right bus stop, she walked me there and waited until it came, to my protest (it was snowing a bit). The bus kind of snuck up on us so I sorta panicked and just got a hug in, no kiss.

Basically, I don't think I have ever had such a successful first date to be honest. We talked a lot, no awkward bits and the eye contact was strong in my opinion. I think I am just in that phase where I am stupid and need someone else to tell me it was a good date as I am bit nervous as she was very cute, a bit more so than I am used to snagging to be honest.

But be honest please and thank you.


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  • Why haven't you planned your next date yet you doofus! By what you said about your date, she's a winner! And she even walked you to the bus and everything. Bummer Bout the kiss though.

    • "doofus" nice... I feel like the real winner here to be honest, given how we met and my history of dates, especially having been more than a year since I have had one. I have just become too cynical I think, but thanks for the support!

    • I was kidding around about the " doofus" part and you are a winner here. She sounds like a good one and a year without a date? You deserve someone special. Best luck to you mate

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  • Sounds awesome! Great conversation, didn't want it to end, stayed with you at the bus stop, why are you worried? I wouldn't even worry about the kiss; its kind of sweet and endearing to hold off for a bit. But I would definitely at least peck her on the cheek next time! Set it up! Would you please look at mine? Thanks!

    • Done! and thanks for the the kiss part, it was the only thing I sorta regret. I just could not miss that bus, it was the last one, and I had decided to just leave it a hug as I have been told ladies take that first one a bit too serious, so Id rather wait than rush, but honestly I'm 99% sure I was so focused, I turned away from her kiss...

    • I think nervousness is endearing :) and if you ask for a second date and redeem yourself then it won't matter. And thanks!

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