Confusing situation?

So for starters my boyfriend and I have been dating for 4 and 1/2 months, he is divorced, and has ptsd. the ptsd is new for me. We saw American Sniper because he wanted too. And then he told me it wouldn't be a good idea that I stay the night. He was afraid of showing me that side even though I wasn't. I went home and I read articals abo it girls dating men with ptsd. Not easy. But he pushed me away that week telling me not to come visit him. Started ignoring me, and called me by a nick name everyone calls me instead of what he calls me sweet girl. Then at the end of the week he calls me and tells me he has been thinking and that he is worried he won't beable to give me what I want. Telling me I deserve better because I am an amazing woman. That he loves me. He was crying. so it was over like that. He came the next day to talk in person. I told him I wanted to if he wanted to that I give him his space and take it slow. He said it wouldn't be fair to me. but the rest of the weekend he called me twice a day to check on me if I was ok. Then on Sunday he calls and tells me the he wants to try it slow and bare with him when he needs space. I said ok. Tuesday he called and asked me what I was doing that night I gave a few items and asked why he asked. He said I want you to come here. I said ok. I get there and he is emotional and being affectionate and sweet. Started something then he stops saying I don't want you to think this is a booty call. we did and he ended up doing it later. He came the next to take me out to dinner. He seemed agitated when he got here. Due to a work call he got after hours on the way here. we ate. Got back to my place checked his watch a lot for The time. I asked him a few questionS. LIke do I need bounderies, limits, or things that are ok for me to do. He said no. And then not looking at me put drawing with his fingers in circles telling me if I need time to myself or weekends to exercise or do something that he would tell me. It is confusing.


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    Seriously,... Run away!


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