Does she seem like a stalker to you? Guys what would you do if you had a stalker?

This girl my brother is playing/dating seem to be a little off. My brother deleted her friends and anybody having to do with her off his Facebook page. She be having her friends on Facebook stalking his page and some of them he had to block. now they found my daddy on Facebook and they sent him a friend request he accepted it. The girl he dating/ playing be on Facebook talking about getting pregnant with his baby and even wrote a status claiming to be pregnant as a joke. He refuse to take pictures with her or even interact with her on Facebook period. he rarely comes over there to see her. All over social media is his name and nickname including printed on her pictures. I have received weird requests from different family members such as her cousins and we have no mutual friends in common. my daddy is 69 years old he only talks to family and classmates I wonder how did she find him with no mutual friends In common. My brother is 39 and the girl I think is 18. This Facebook stalking seems to be creepy. She hasn't met my parents family or my nieces and nephews. But my dad is creeped out about that friend request because the girl is only 18. My brother talks to someone else that my mom and etc have met. I don't know why Facebook is important. But sending me strange friend requests is not wassup


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  • Just get all your family to block her and tell your brother not to contact her anymore. I wouldn't go as far to say stalking but it's still strange behaviour. She'll loose interest and get bored sooner or later.