Should I be wary or is he for real?

I just met a guy and we went out a couple times. He has an awesome personality, we are almost the exact same person in that sense and it's so weird (but in a good way). It's very easy to be myself around him and it's scary cause I have been hurt so many times, I tend to not open up easily anymore. But I find myself just being me. Anyways, he and I agreed to wait before having sex or doing anything really past kissing and cuddling. We have kissed, a lot, except when his roommate was around. We just cuddled a bit. Things got a bit heavy and he stopped and said he didn't want to push things, that he wanted me to trust him first and for him to trust me. Would a player or someone who was only wanting sex go through something like this or am I just being too skeptical?


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  • We will go through a lot of things, including dating, courting, getting to know and love you, to "Have sex" as you so put it.

    So yes, he will do all of those things.

    Kissing is an extremely passionate thing to do with another person, and eventually, it will lead to reduced inhibitions and sex.

    Your instincts are crying out to you to be careful, That is exactly why you posted this question.

    Learn to turn your heart off just long enough to listen to your gut instincts, because they are telling you all about this guy. If he is willing to begin the first step to intimacy then there is little doubt he wants your body, even if he is willing to take it slow... at first.

    The test of a real man who is interested in your heart over your body, is if he is willing to wait, to take the time to get to know and love you, and then pledges his entire life to you in marriage, and waits to have sex. Sex halts every foundation you were creating, and will emotionally blind you to all of his issues. That is why it is a good idea to wait until you have not only a foundation, but also a life commitment before engaging in it.

    See how long it takes before he runs away, if you deny him sex.

    If he does, he only ever wanted your body to begin with.

    If he stays with you, and continues to build a deep, relevant heart foundation with you, and saves his, and your own purity, then he is worth spending the rest of your life with.

    Remember, you have more value, and worth, than all of the money in the world. Recognize your value, and respect your body.

  • To skeptical just have fun and don't worry about getting hurt. Live for the moment.

    • easier said than done but I am trying to work at just that.

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