A guy who's into a guy who is probably homosexual; should I tell him?

Hey, I am currently a junior guy in high school. Over the past few months of the first semester, I've had my eyes on a guy, he's a senior. He's honestly the first person that I have been attracted to emotionally, I'm attracted to his awesome personality. I feel guilty about it, but when I first saw him, I thought he was gay by the way he acted. I'm contemplating whether I should tell him how I feel, or if I should just keep my feelings to myself, because it is his last year of high school and if there's a potential for something, I don't wanna pass it up.

I've usually had a bad habit of having crushes on straight guys. The guy I'm into now actually has a possibility of being gay, but there's still the possibility that he is, in fact, straight. If I tell him how I feel, there's the possibility that it will make him feel uncomfortable or even offended. On the flipside, it could turn out that he will be flattered by this or even want to start a relationship.

I definitely don't want to feel like I'm pulling him out of the closet, because I know how hard that was for me. But I do want to know if telling him how I feel most likely better our relationship, whether romantic or just a friendship. Thank you.


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  • Can you somehow anonymously contact him? I... don't want you to openly talk to him just i case he reacts badly and turns out to be a douche.


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