I'm not the most attractive guy. I can cook like no one's business! I can love like no other. How do I break the ice with a woman?

*I'm a bigger guy.
*I can make friends with anyone
*Love to cook
*I want someone I can be attracted to so I want someone that is at least about a 7 on a 1 to 10
*I don't know how to just walk up and start a conversation with a woman


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  • Try baking for the woman you like! If you see a specific person you like maybe bring her cupcakes or whatever you like to bake!

    • That sounds like a good idea if she doesn't get weirded out by me bringing her food lol

    • I get weirded out by a lot of things, but I think it would be really sweet of someone baked for me!

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  • You want a 7/10? Why? Why not just a nice person whose personality compliments yours?

    I mean, I understand the need for attraction... But 7/10 is pretty high lol.

    • Well she doesn't have to be a 7 but around a 7 like 5 and up at least. I've dated 4s for their personality but let's face it whether it's a woman or man most need attraction for it to work.

  • If you can make friends easy, you can meet women easy. Just forget they're a woman you like and pretend you're making a new friend. Then... wow her with your cooking and love.

    • I do but it's hard finding one because there is no decent place to hang out or meet people at in the small towns around me

    • Libraries, coffee shops, malls, grocery store, work if you have a job, college/uni if you go, friends of friends, on the street, bus stops... You can literally meet women anywhere. Just smile, look friendly, be polite, say hello and get talking.

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