Should I wait for this girl that I have fallen in love with?

me and this girl i met at work quickly became friends and we both consider each other best friends i have know her for about 7 months and i really like her i have found out she had a boyfriend for a very short time just before i met her and she broke up with him because she didn't feel like having a relationship and we just were recently talking about things and she said she was 100% focused on college and she has 6 more years of it. she knows i like her but i was wondering if i should wait until she is ready for a relationship and be there when she is, or should i just ask her if she likes me that way and mention i am willing to wait until she is ready because i know she doesn't want to get distracted from school

... sorry for the terrible grammar/punctuation not my strong point haha :p

haha you guys have been a huge help i just recently joined but i love this site thanks!


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  • . . . Aight, bro.

    If you really wanted to, I'd say feel free to keep her in your heart. Let her know that you dig her by don't expect anything from it right now.
    Until that seed blossoms, go ahead and allow yourself to date other women. Let her see you happy and going about your life, as well. Down the road, if you two are still hanging out and the timing is right, who knows what could happen. But don't commit yourself to a person who isn't committed to you.
    And most importantly, keep it gangsta.