Hand holding, cheek kissing, and hugging... Normal on a first date?

Went on a an amazing date with guy. I guess he had a great time to cause he wanted to extend the date and asked if I wanted to drive around the city. I said sure, he was a gentleman, we had funny car convo. He drives a manual car so he asked me if I've driven one, I say yes but when I did I almost died lol, anyways he said no problem, grabbed my hand and put it on the gear shift and interlocked our fingers while he was driving... Yea yea I know he pulled a move but it was cute and I liked it lol. He parks at a beach and we sit on his trunk and he's getting closer holding my waist and laughing etc. He then gets this 'look' in his eyes. The I wanna kiss u look, i decided against not because I didn't want to (I DID) I was scared :/. After I had said not yet he was totally fine with it and proceeded as normal. I had told him aswell that I didn't go on dates often, he asked why, I said cause I never wanted too, he then said 'awww' and kissed my forehead. After another 10mins he dropped me off at he train station (I live 40mins away) and left with a happy goodbye.

SO PEOPLE. he hasn't texted me since our date. It's been 6 days. What's going on? Did he not like me. Do guys asks girls they don't like on extended date? He's a VERY attractive male, is he used to women msging him and calling him, cause I AIN'T like that I'm not trying to boost his ego, I just ignore him basically lol I just don't wanna be 'one of those girls' I need help am I crazy or did he have a good time? What should be my cutt off date for him 7 days with no text?

  • He Likes Me, playing cool just wait
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  • He's clearly not into you, let it go
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Most Helpful Guy

  • He liked you, and is/was yours to lose. Turning down a kiss (oh nooooooo, not a kiss!) kinda killed the mood for him, I think. Now he's probably not sure what you want, and since you haven't been in touch to tell him otherwise, he probably figures you weren't that into him.


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  • He probably likes you, why not to message him first?

    • Not coming off as desperate? Is he waiting on me? Cause I thought the guy was supposed to come first, or is he intimidated by me.

    • Some guys are shy.

What Girls Said 1

  • That's really cute. He clearly likes you and he's probably waiting to hear from you first. Why not send him a message?

    • Coming off desperate? Why didn't he just say he's not into me, what's he waiting for?

    • Messaging him first isn't desperate at all. Maybe he's shy or not big on texting. It's perfectly fine to make the first move. Just message him and say you had a great time the other day and you'd like to see him again. However he responds to that will be your answer. From what you said here it sounds like he's into you. If you're into him, don't wait too much longer because he may think you're not interested and move on.