My boyfriend said that I am the most attractive girl in the world to him? Does he mean it?

Or is he just being nice? I mean I know a lot of guys are gonna answer this like "Well think of all the hot girls out there, obviously not"
But maybe in his opinion I am?


Most Helpful Girl

  • At your age, I won't believe his words.
    Because boys are boys

    • Yeah but I mean, we're two pretty intelligent people who have matured faster than most.
      We're not your normal teeny boppers. Or whatever they call us.
      And he isn't your average sex craving boy either.
      So I don't know.

    • I dont know about both of you. as people at your age said the same thing always.
      Since he said so, then just accept his compliment.
      Girls like to overanalyse everything till the smallest details.
      Most important is you are with him now.

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What Guys Said 2

  • He means it. The longer you spend with someone in a relationship, the more you begin you cherish the little qualities about them. So yeah he's telling the truth.

  • I think he feels its true when he's saying it.

    Stop second guessing it :)


What Girls Said 2

  • If he cares, he means it:)
    I mean, my guy says that to me. And I believe it about him too.
    I mean, of course there's always "more" attractive people out there, but you meaning something to him, makes you that beautiful person.

  • He might be genuine. If he loves you then he is.