Did she leave me for her ex boyfriend because I was too nice?

Or was it a lost cause from the start? They broke up a week after us dating, and we dated for 8 months. Then she cheated, and went back to her ex. She approached me, always texted first, always wanted to hang out, always begged for me back after a breakup, yet cheated..

Is it something i did? Was i too good to her?


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  • I don't think it's anything you did. She simply has no idea what she wants. Go out with the boys till your over it and start over with another girl. Just make sure she is completely single before you date her unless you want nsa.


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  • It was a lost cause from the start... she wasn't over her ex when she started dating you. You have NO IDEA how long she has been hooking up with your ex during your relationship.

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