GAG: What are some of the female stereotypes that annoy you?

I find it weird when a girl tries to get me to agree on a female stereotype with her. Maybe some girls are like that but not all. I am a girl and I don't shave, own 500 pairs' of shoes or like all romantic movies...


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  • Definitely the "blonde" stereotype. Look I can still laugh at a good blonde joke every now and then but I can't stand when people take me less seriously cause I'm blonde. It has happened to me before. When my hair was brunette a year and a half ago I felt like the kind of attention I got was different to what I get when I'm blonde :/


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  • 'Women shouldn't make the first move' - I really despise this stereotype.

  • Self entitled women who think that whatever they say about any social issue becomes de facto right and indisputable. And heaven forbid I disagree with them because in that case I'm a chauvinist pig or smth.

  • First, there are some universally hated features, such as taking showers in a ultra-low frequency.
    Then, I have some own opinions, such as I do not like the feminists, but I also do not like those who are very submissive.
    I like the highly intelligent ones who also highlight their roles in families.

  • That girls aren't allowed to be dirty and have to enjoy 'girly' things.


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  • Girls are more bitchy. Guys talk so much shit about each other to. They know about each others break ups, who slept with who, who's dating who, who had something embarrassing happen last week etc. It's probably kinda even.

  • Lol I know. Bad enough when guys spout off stereotypes as if it's the gospel truth... It's unsettling when girls are pushing them.

    I'm actyslly particularly disturbed that the word " girly" (in other words a word derrived from the word that means female young person) is defined by a bunch of useless begaviirs snd activities that are not associated with the behaviors and activities belonging to a person simply Bc they are a girl. There really should be a knew word. Now that the secret is out and we know what girls are really capable of. As well the fact boys can act gurly as well. Need a New word for " girly". no route word denoting female in my opinion.

    Now let's see I hate romantic movies I find it insulting im supposed to like them snd annoying that they area allied chick flicks.

    I have like three pairs of shoes. Running shoes. Walking shoes. Boots.
    That I cry every week. I haven't cried in a decade and a half.
    That IM fragile
    That I like to be lied to..
    That I want to be handled instead of told the truth.
    That Id rather someone tell me how they feel than what I think.
    That I talk to share feelings instead of to convey information..
    That I can't throw or play sports or get dirty.
    That I want to get married snd pop out a bunch of kids as soon as I can find the instrument to my plan of male destruction
    That im too shy to ask a guy out, as apposed to not intersted
    That if I do ask a guy out it means I am thinking wedding rings and church bells
    That everything I say has another meaning
    That I don't say what I mean
    That I cry bloody murder when I'm on my period
    That I don't need space snd if I say that it just means I met another guy
    That I don't have a " cave" I retreat to
    That my way of relaxing is being with friends or taking a bubble bath
    That I don't know how to fight
    That I can't make up my mind
    That im decorative not active
    That im submissive not assertive
    ... Bc im a Woman.

    All stereotyopes annoy me Bc its explicitly dismissive of the humanity of that person.

    • I think it cuts into a persons spirit to be boxed in befire they've even made a move... It's danaging. Intellectually psychologically physically... Plus it's just so inefficient snd do regressive... There's just so much we never learn about ourselves or sbout what others can do. Society suffers from the cultivation of prejudice. We should be using that energy for good not evil.

      And esoecually not for mind games. I hate that. Stereotyoes or not mind games suck ass.

    • Where have you been? You are EXACTLY the woman that I want as a companion, a friend, a life partner! Are you REAL?

    • Haha Well I tell you what. I've just asked a boy out... Things don't work out there you and me well give it a go:p

  • That all women are psychotic.

  • The whole: woman belong in the kitchen? Eh. No! Annoys me so much!

  • Another "I'm a teen and I'm soooo effin special" question?
    Teens really annoy me and I can't figure out why. =/ I mean it's not like I resent children for breaking things and yelling in the movies. But I just have this urge to choke every teenager who tries spewing their cheap thoughts my way. I feel like a monster! O. O

    On topic: Female stereotypes don't annoy me. They're stereotypes, their point is to generalise and make a caricature out of a group.

  • "-Girls aren't into p*rn
    Bitch hell no yuri ftw
    And yaoi
    //shivers// I just don't like gender based stereotypes in general since I'm gender fluid

  • That its a woman's job to make a relationship work.

  • That women aren't as strong. I could easily take my bf in a wrestling match and win :)

    • My GF thinks I just love the cuddly 'lady' that she is comfortable with, but some of her BFFs say she's really into things like shooting guns and they like 'wrestling' when they get together, as friends!!
      She has never mentioned any of this, but I know, because we have mutual friends, and I LOVE that her friends can't keep secrets!! I would love to go shooting with her, but she's always been such a 'girl' with me, never sharing that side of her.
      Any suggestions as to how to get her to share her 'other side' without her thinking that her friends told me?

    • pin her down and then say "I want to see you get out of this"... Then if she doesn't seem to be trying, tickle her until she must fight you back.

    • Can't argue with genetics. The average man is stronger than the average woman.

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