DATES GONE BADWhats your worst date moment ever?

What are the moments that make you wish you could run away or turn back time?


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  • First date with a girl, we walked around in a park talking. It was nice until dinner time.
    Once we got seated she took out her phone and who knows what she was doing! Social media? Texting?
    No idea... but she only put her phone down to eat and drink. After dinner I drove her to her friends house and she said she had a great time...
    There was no second date.

    • she's a bitch...

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    • Probably... would you feel better if she'd said before dinner that she wasn't that intrested in you:)

    • I would've appreciated it.

What Girls Said 1

  • It was my first date with this one guy who was a friend of a some of my friends. No one set us up, but it was easier for him to talk to me because we had a lot of the same friends. So after texting for a few days, he asks me out on a date. He seemed like a nice guy, so I said yes. He didn't tell me where he was taking me, we just set up a time. So he comes to pick me up in the nastiest, dirtiest, oldest and just really generally messed up car I have ever seen. But I get in, and it's like a billion degrees in there! It's really hot where I live, and this was in plain summer. And his car didn't have any air conditioner. But I thought it would be alright since we would surely be getting off somewhere, right? WRONG! The entire date was just him driving me around aimlessly in a hot car for 2 hours (the windows didn't work either, by the way, so I was suffocating in there). And all he did was ask me if I wanted to make out! He was sweaty and disgusting and smelled like year old poop. Getting anywhere near him was the last thing I wanted to do! Then he just kept talking about sex and asking if I wanted to hook up. It was literally the worst date ever. I just asked him to drop me off anywhere and I walked home!

    • Whoa... Even at first date?
      Well people are too pervert! They just want to use others for sex...

    • Yeah, first date... I really don't know what gave him the impression that I was so easy, I'm certainly not and I found it very disrespectful that he just assumed I would be okay with doing that!

    • Sad...^ยท^