This girl is constantly trying to point out that MY boyfriend is "all into HER" how do I handle this?

Well, I recently got together with a guy who I've liked for awhile, but this guy, has a history of sending and receiving naked pictures to and from other girls, HOWEVER, he NEVER does it while he has a girlfriend.

But I can list 6 girls that have seen pictures of his junk off the top of my head.

Now there is one girl, who insisted that my boyfriend really wants to be with her. She has been insisting this since BEFORE me and my boyfriend got together. And every day she tells me all about something she and my boyfriend did together. Like, today she told me that the day before me and him got together, they were sexting. And then she goes "oh and He's sent me pictures of himself naked" which, I ALREADY KNEW.

Thing is, I don't care. He knee she liked him before me and him got together, and he's still with me, he's NEVER asked me for an inappropriate picture since I've met him and that was over a year ago.

And my boyfriend has made it clear to everyone that he has no interest In dating her, now HE doesn't know that I know all about how he uses girls in between girlfriend.

Anyway, how do I get this girl to stop? Today I attempted to point out that yah, he did some stuff with her, but he still picked me, and that didn't work.


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  • You can't. You can't control her behaviour. You can respond to her and look petty and get worked up over it. Or you can realize that she must be so overwhelmed with jealousy that she feels the need to harrass you everyday about it. How sad for her ey? Your bf chose you and he is making it clear to everyone else. Be the bigger person and let your happiness with your bf speak for itself.


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  • Tell her straight up.
    "If he was so interested in you don't you think he'd be with you? YET he's not with you so fuck off. Or didn't you know he was just using you just like he uses all the other 5 girls he was messaging the same time as you? Your nothing special. How could anyone respect you when you do such lewd things with someone your not even dating lmao your pathetic."
    If she doesn't get the hint just block her you don't need to waste time on trash like that

  • Maybe he needs to tell her to step down..

    • He has, she thinks it's because he cares about her to much to be with her cause he might hurt her

    • Hahah god. What a psycho

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