Having trust issues... what should I do?

me and my gf have been going out for a year, a few months back she went through my phone and saw messages between me and a family friend, I told her everything about this girl, she knows her but she thought that we were flirting so i apologised and stopped talking to her.
half way in our relationship we became long distance as she found work up north, the other week we met and she fell asleep. i couldnt help but i looked through her phone. i saw messages with guys saying lets meet up, she said she's not gonna visit me this weekend so they should do something, messages where the guy is saying he'll be over in 5 mins, and they should go cinema and a message where she said there is a bug in her room and she wants him to come kill it.
i confronted her (huge fight) she said she didn't cheat, only met him once, and that she was lonely up there.
i forgave her and we are back together but now whenever she is out i am dying i have a feeling she's cheating on me, i know she's out with friends but i still get paranoid... i dont know what to do !! im becoming a person i never was, getting angry at her for stupid things, paranoid, thinking always worst case scenario..
what should I do? i really love her and i know she loves me i dont want this relationship to go to waste !!


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  • The only solution really is to close distance. The trust has clearly been broken on both sides. Or move on?

    • its not so simple to close distance.. she works up north and i study south

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