She didn't respond, is it over?

This girl I like from school is weird at texting. We talk about class and stuff but when i asked what her favorite movie was she never responded, then an hour later I said i was watching the movie we had to for class. She asked how it was then I told her and asked how long the paper had to be. She told me then I said oh ok and then followed it up with saying a movie I really want to see is at the local theater and wanted to know if she wanted to go with me, that was almost 3 hours ago and still no response. I will see her Wednesday and she sits next to me. I plan to ask her to lunch after and I have been giving her rides to her car. Do you think she will ever respond and will Wednesday be awkward now given she hasn't?


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  • Okay first of all, relax. I know how it feels to be like " oh mah gaaah can you just talk to me" but just take it slow and dont suffocate her. I'm not saying you are, but sometimes when you ease up just a little, they come back quick. When you see her Wednesday, just bring it up nonchalantly. You'll be fine. You'll find out what you wanna know at some point:)

    • awesome yeah I won't text her until I actually see her and act cool lol

    • There yah go :)

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  • Yeah... It will be awkward. Don't say anything to her at first. Just say a hi act cool and if she explains herself, be sweet. If she doesn't it's up to you to decide if you want to give her another chance and ask hey out again.


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  • It seems like she was interested when you talked about school but she blew you off on personal topics. The second 'personal topic' was you inviting her out for a date. In other words, she is not interested in you beyond being a study partner. Sorry dude, happens to pretty much everyone sometimes. :/

    • anyway to break out of that? Should I still ask her to lunch wednesday? one last shot

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    • Think she will be weird Wednesday in class?

    • She'll most likely pretend it didn't happen. But it's possible. Do what you think is best. Good luck.

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