What is the reason why a guy I know from online won't give his real name?

We known each other for years online only. We flirt a lot but never pursued further. Something about him bothers me. He won't share his real name and is real funny about online privacy to the extreme. What could he be hiding?

I hate to throw away 6 years of online friendship because he won't give his real name until we meet in person.


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  • If he won't be real about what his name even is, Then he's got a few skeletons in the closet. I smell trouble ahead.

    • yeah I'm wondering... but he seems "normal" otherwise

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    • My gut is telling me you are going to walk away hurting with this one. You can do what you like. But it just doesn't smell on the up and up to me. Something tells me that he just doesn't fly straight. That's all.

    • okay, thank you for the warning. I am taking heed for sure!

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  • He either thinks that you might be a creep and doesn't want to share his personal information. He could also be the creep and he doesn't want you to know anything about him. Stuff like this happens. Online buddies can turn into horrible stalkers and killers (not saying he is one, but it is possible)
    Or her just has a really embarrassing name and doesn't want to share it, haha

    • hahaha I said that about his name probably being funny... he didn't say anything one way or the other. I think I would have picked up "creep" vibe by now after years of knowing him online. But other than this, he seems "normal". Maybe he thinks I'm the creep... haha

    • Haha! You can never win with these online friendships! Do you guys actually know what eachother looks like? Or is this a strictly typing only, no picture friendship?

    • I know right! and yes, we've exchanged pics and often voice chat... but never video chat.