Should I go to his house again?

I went to my boyfriends house last night but his mom told me he wasn't home so I left a note for him and she told me she would tell him I stopped by but its been almost two days now and no word from him his phone is going straight to voicemail without even ringing should I go back to his house to talk to him? please help could really use the advice.


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  • No don't go to his house wait for him to call text you
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Thanks everyone for the answers and help he got a hold of me and we just had a talk about everything today it seems like everything is slowly going back to normal and is good right now well as good as it can be for right now he said it was partly me and his mom talking that bugged him and a few other things he was mad for a while but is going to forgive and forget we are just taking things slow for now thanks again.


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  • Definitely don't go. I know it's frustrating waiting for a text or call, but if you go there you'll risk annoying him and possibly even annoying his mom. And she's one person you don't want to annoy! Instead, watch a movie or do something else to occupy yourself. If you still haven't heard from him by the time you go to sleep, send him a quick text saying you miss him and hope he had a good night.

    • Yeah its hard cause there's not to much options but I will try

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    • Oh, maybe that's it then. It's possible he didn't do too well and is embarrassed to tell you... you could send him a text tomorrow saying you hope it went well and that you're happy to talk about it even if he didn't.

    • Yeah thats a good idea I will for sure try that thanks :)

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  • You'll seem to desperate if you call or text him a lot just wait for his. Be patient!!!

    • Yeah I guess so its just bugging me :/

  • His mum probably killed him.

    • Lol nope apparently not

    • He alive and talking to you?

    • Yeah he was just mad but we are working on things thanks

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  • Honestly this doesn't sound good. Find out if he's Ok. Check his Facebook page or Twitter or something. If that guy isn't sick or in another country... Don't even call again until HE does.

    • He doesn't have Facebook anymore and no Twitter or anything so I`m kinda stuck for options we go to the same school so if I know he's out I try to find him or text him so phoning/texting and school and going to his house are my only options atm :/ but yeah Im giving it some time since I know he had an exam today

    • Thanks

  • Don't go ! You already went there, left him a note, and called him ! It's time he makes the next move.

    • Yeah I am just waiting for that next move to happen I guess thanks

  • Look for him at school. Let him call or text you. Don't keep going to his house that might annoy his mother.

    • Yeah I`m gonna wait for a bit since he finally turned his phone back on apparently he went to Seattle his friends said and is coming back sometime today so just gonna wait and see try to text or call him

  • How long have you been together for? If it's been more than 3 months and you guys are official and have said 'I love you' etc, then yeah I'd be going to his house wanting to know what's going on. You have a right to be concerned.

    • We have been together almost 5 months now in 11 days it will be 5 months and yes we have both said I love you this one time he made a bad joke and said I hate you I knew he was joking but he got all serious for a second so I said fine but just know that if its a joke that the joke is only funny the first time and that I didn't know if he was still joking and he quickly corrected the mistake by taking me and putting his arm around me (best he could do he was driving) and said all serious that no he was just joking he didn't think I would take it serious and that he really did love me a lot and was sorry if he hurt me and it was good again after and I went there last night but if I don't hear from him soon I might try going again thanks

  • If it's been two days, I would. Maybe his mom just forgot, and he's still waiting for you. Or maybe something's happened. Probably not, but who knows. I'd go just to see what's up.

    • I ran into his friend who said he went to Seattle but will be back tomorrow he checked his phone cause he can get new voicemails again where as before his voicemail was full but I`m thinking maybe he hasn't called or texted and just checked his phone quickly since his phone doesn't work in Seattle and his phone off again so if I don't hear from him after he gets back I will probably just go there to see him again but you might be right thanks :)