Would it be ok to ask him this or just plain weird?

I met this guy, quite introverted and a bit of a loner i guess. We've chatted about 2 months now, about once a week. I'm always the one who initiates. It bothers me a bit that he doesn't initiate contact, but he already mentioned he's not a big communicator because he finds it hard to find the right words, is scared he will offend people or let them down. We've been on two dates, which again, I initiated. Both times were really fun. After the last date he texted me he had so much fun and thought I was great and he would invite me to his hometown the next time.
I asked him the week after if we would meet up the first weekend of January, but he had planned a 3 week trip so he texted me it wouldn't be until February that he would invite me.
He got home last weekend, I had texted him something for support 'cause he had a big thing coming up that week and we ended up chatting over an hour. But there was something off, he wasn't quite 'in' the conversation (could just be the jetlag of course) and when we said goodbyes he texted "see you around". Guess he won’t invite me after all then? Or was this just a form of saying goodbye?
In March he will be leaving the country for six months - bummer, I know - but i would really like to stay in touch with him. I’m not looking for a relationship right away, I just really would like to get to know this guy and go from there.
Thing is, since he never initiates, I’m not sure if I should take this as a hint that he’s not interested in getting to know me at all or he’s just not one to initiate?
Maybe I should take the hint and leave it at that. I find it quite hard to do that, 'cause every time we chat or meet up it’s so much fun (apart from the last chat, that is)
What I would like to do is just text him and ask whether he’s interested in getting to know me, because it’s not clear to me right now. No strings attached, just so I know we are on the same page.
Is that something I can ask at this point? Or would that be too weird?


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  • I don't think it'd be weird really.