I had Weird dream?

I dreamt that I was doing a rope climb with no legs but the rope was swinging everywhere so I couldn't get up properly so I can down and this guy was laughing at me because of it (not being mean, just teasing me). Then he gave me a hug because I was leaving and not coming back then he randomly kissed me on the chin, except I couldn't see much because I'm like up to his chest and I was hugging him. Weird thing was it was this guy I use to like, not too long ago but I decided to get over him because I didn't think he liked me and I still don't think he does. He is really nice and stuff but I actually haven't thought of him in ages. Then he hugged me again and I couldn't see much and he kissed me again on the lips then we kept kissing. I said his name because I went to ask him something but then he said he's "sorry I have to go", he looked generally concerned, sort of kind of a little depressed too and then he just got up and walked away. I was so confused. I don't think it was because I was leaving. Then it went on and merged with another weird dream that had really nothing to do with that lol. It was good while it lasted it but it was also completely random. I wasn't thinking of him at all for ages ahaha. I was thinking about these two other hot guys before I went to bed last night and they were in the dream too except hey just talked to me. I have no idea where this other guy came from. I don't think this is really a question I think I just wanted to tell you about my dream. I don't even know, why do people dream the things that they dream? Heaps of times my dreams are like really random or sometimes they come true like 2 years later. Am I the only once who dreams things then they actually happen? Sometimes I even dream the same dream more than once. So weird lol. What's up with my dreams?


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  • umm i kinda see you point i have strange weird dreams like that also, and yeah a lot of mine do come true as well, yeah its kind of strange. I've always thought and been told that if you dream of someone you know or dont know but later on come to know means they've been thinking of you or that they are just meant to be a part of your life in some way or another. Or it could be that deep in your subconscious you still think about or care for this person maybe. Or maybe a combo of them both but you'll just have to figure that one out, because the answer we look for is never really 100% clear.

    • I probably still like the dumb boy. Hahahaha why type of your dreams come true?

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    • that sounds similar to one of mine but i dreamt we had a new lad joining my school and that hed be in my class and the class that i saw him in was my R. E class so the next day i went to school and funilly enough in R. E there was this new lad, the same one i saw in my dream the night before

    • God we are good. Maybe we should join a witch club.