Girls: Ask a girl out again?

So I've had a crush on this girl I work with for about a year, which is pretty much how long I've worked for the company. She works in a different department than me and I only see her maybe twice a week, though it used to be much more common. She was always pretty friendly to me but suddenly she started getting a bit moody out of nowhere. I knew it wasn't a great sign but I wasn't sure if she was going to stay at the job much longer so I asked her out so I wouldn't miss the chance. She rejected me, even though she had previously seemed receptive to the idea of 'doing something outside of work'. She was moody for a few more months and recently (the last month or so) she started warming up to me again so I asked her why she had been so moody and she said she had been having health problems (migraines, chronic pain) that are now being dealt with better and that she was stressed out from having regular arguments with her boss, who was threatening to fire her (her job is safe now).

Anyways, I know this girl isn't perfect but I still have a huge crush on her and she makes me laugh and smile and that's all I really want. I want to ask her out again and maybe see if she wants to do something for Valentine's day, but I don't know if it would be weird given that I've already asked her out before and been rejected. I don't want to be the weirdo who can't take no for an answer, but I don't want to miss out on her either because I really like her. Thanks in advance to anyone that actually reads all this and responds!

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As of right now, the poll has 4 girls and 2 guys in favor of asking her out. There is only 1 girl and no guys opposed. Since it appears as though the majority of people think I should go for it, I am going to ask her out again (barring a massive shift in the poll). I am nervous already D:


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  • She was under a lot of stress before and you've waited long enough. I say go for it, especially since you may always wonder what could've been if you don't. And it would be awesome if she said yes and you two had a happy Valentine's Day! I'm glad she's warming up to you, and may now be open to trying a relationship. Go get 'em!! Would you please look at mine? Thanks!

    • Thanks for choosing me for MHO! Good luck!

    • Thanks! I think I have okay odds but I'm nervous af :'(

      Objective: Ask her out

      Secondary objective: Don't puke

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