I'm in a relationship with someone and I have a serious crush on someone I've known since 5th grade. What do I do?

I started going out with a friend from school about a month ago and we've gotten kinda serious but I've resently started falling for a friend I've known for years. I didn't think of my boyfriend being a "boyfriend" until he asked me out but I said yes. I thought liking someone that I have a history with was a phase and it would just pass but it didn't and now I'm stuck between the two guys I care about the most. I don't know what to do! Can you help me?


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  • I feel that if you really Liked the "Boyfriend" you have now here, dear, you wouldn't be googling at any other guy right now, including-----Falling for a friend I've known for years. And only being 13, you are young yet, wet behind your own ears in years and it is very normal, quite natural of course, to be feeling this way where you are stuck between a rock and a hard place with a ghost of yesterday that is suddenly rattling your chain and a 'Kinda serious' relationship, where in five years from now, you may not even be taking a second look at him... maybe both.
    The 'Friend' with the 'History' apparently doesn't feel the same way for you or you Both would be in 'Going out' gig at the moment at this point in time In being with your newbie, who Does seem to care enough about you to start something special, it's telling me with some writing on the wall, that he is taking the initiative to be this 'Boyfriend' and want you for his own. And who knows... if you give Him a chance, this Relationship even more of one, it could lead to something more in store in the future, which has happened even when I went to school, where class couples end up getting married later on.
    If you start showing him you are becoming even 'Distant' or mention something in passing about your ghost, it will put a monkey wrench in between what you have started and he will end up breaking this off.
    To be fair, if you Continue the way you are feeling, finding it isn't fair to hang on to to someone whom you may be unsure of because you are trying to deal with the past, that may or may never work out or be meant to be, tell him you are not ready for this relationship and set him free where he can be a good catch for another girl who is more free to love him Freely.
    Perhaps with That, you can find out where you stand with your other friend... but one way or another, you cannot have your cake and it it Two and... it isn't always greener on the other side of the fence.
    Good luck. xx