AM I CRAZY? Normally dominant female, who's falling for possessive DOMINANT MAN. I don't know whats going on and I feel like I have daddy issues now?

Jealous? Possessive? Dominating? CLINGY

But great sex and he's a gentleman.

But he HAS to be the center of my world or he raises hell. He's very dominant. Demands respect even if I don't feel he deserves it sometimes.. Doesn't let me toy with him like I normally would with a man... and it turns me on :(

He's good at EVERYTHING! Mechanics, athletics, he's brilliant, was in the airforce, he's brave... I respect him as a man.

My friends are very strong minded and they don't like how possessive/dominating he is. He's bringing the submissiveness out of me. And to be honest, it feels good.

Am I crazy and insecure?


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  • No, you just ran into an actual man and biology is taking over. For all the political equality talk/BS, women are attracted to strong men who take the lead. PC bullshit be damned against reality. You are neither crazy or insecure.

    • I have to agree with you. At least I do now... but I'm getting a lot of backlash. Thanks for your comment

    • No problem. The only thing that would potentially concern me is you saying he can be possessive. The nature and extent of that can be important, so be mindful of that, just in case you friends are seeing something you aren't--assuming they just aren't being jealous our judgmental, they may really be looking out for you.

      As for the strong man aspect, I fully stand behind what I said.

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  • Nope, you've just found yourself a good Dom.


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  • Calm down, Anastasia, Mr Christian Grey is a wounded individual, with a troubled past. You just have to look beneath the surface.
    Anyway, it doesn't matter if he makes you feel crazy and insecure. You're still going to pursue it, you and I both know it, so what's the point of asking such a question in the first place?
    Nothing will make you change your mind.

    • No clue who mr christian grey/anastasia is, but yeah you're right about me not changing my mind. But changing my mind wasn't the goal of this.. It's moreso to get outsider's opinions on the subject since those close to me are all women and would like me to be in a relationship where I am the dominant one, and the man is the passive nice guy. Thats how we all are normally. That to them is considered "healthy". But those men haven't made me feel like this guy ;)