Huge crush how do I break it?

Anyways I have a huge crush on this guy we are pretty good friends, and he likes to flirt with me a loot. We dont touch much but online he is just really bad a bout it he kisses and cuddles, and while I kinda like it sense I majorly crushing I feel bad. I dont know where I stand with him and he has a girl that he's had way longer then he's even known me, What do I do he supports me a lot and I dont want to loose it... but how do I explain the fact I like him maybe a bit more then he thinks.. we both have antisocail issues and PTSD and get along well, but its confusing and I dont want to lose him... so how do I squish my magnetic attraction to him? I really enjoy his company although he has this thing about being able to hug me, he hates not being able to touch people in a non creepy way, and I like it a lot since I dont get that kinda support.


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  • See other people, notice his flaws, accept he has another girl think that you might hurt someone else. Something like this happened to me too by the way. Just know that there's always someone better than him out there. Or distract yourself to get your mind off of him, become busier. Etc. hope this helped. :)

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