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So this girl I like is a freshman and she's a varsity volleyball player and I like her but not sure if she's into the dating thing in general or not I don't know but um I asked people what she said about me and all they said is she said she knows my name and she's heard some rumors about me and my ex and what we did together and I didn't really do much with my ex except make out but that's normal but what do I do she's eats lunch out side with like three friends but don't know her friends to well either also a table next to them are these guys who are jerks and post crap about me on the internet and talk crap to me a lot and I don't know what to do about the girl thing and I need to find a date for prom and my plan is talk to a girl for a month and get to know her and get her to like me then ask her to prom but I seriously don't know what todo please help!

Please help


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  • Talk to both girls just in case the other one isn't interested. But just get to know her, she probably won't necessarily judge you without getting to know you. You could always change her opinion on you. Just talk to her it something :)

    • Thank you and I should talk to her no matter what others think?

    • Yeah, don't worry about what others think bc if you follow what others say and you aren't okay with, at the end of the day you won't be happy and the other people won't really care. and if they're talking crap in the first place then they don't matter. Do what makes you happy :)

    • Aww thanks

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