How and when do I tell her I don't have a license and can't drive due to a dui?

I met this woman the other day and she is interested, how do I go about telling her I can't drive for 2 more years and when is the best time to tell her?

Yes I'm under suspension for 2years, first offense.
Or should I be upfront right away, To see if it's a problem for her?


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  • That's a tough one. I would probably bring it up when it becomes relevant like if y'all were going on a date and she wondered why u couldn't drive there or be the designated driver back. I would also tell her that you just made a one time mistake and aren't a hardcore drunk and regret the DUI occurring. I don't know good luck tho


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  • What you mean by you can't drive?

    • His license is probably suspended for the DUI

    • My license is suspended for 2 years.. Should I be upfront?