How cna I prevend this girl from seeing me im online on fb without blocking her? should I block her, I want her in my life , blocking = overkill?

i dont think she values me at all, im a really decent guy, and i even dare to say im the only decent person in her life. she comes form a very toxic environment, broken family, she is a damaged girl, she is stunning to look at , and she is a single mom. she got pregnant from me for the first time in 7 years. she miscarried, i love her deeply and she will always be the mother of our child.

i do want her back but i tried everything. yesterday i agreed with her its better we dont see each other, reverse psychogoloy. i want to disapear of the face of the earth, i dont want to appear online on her fb. but i dont want to block her. ill go no contact 30 days now, abscence makes the heart grow founder they say.

so how can i do it?


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  • You don't play games with a fragile woman. You respect her needs and if you don't want her to see you online then unfriend her, simple.

  • If you don't want her to see you ( online) just changed your settings chats! She would still be your friend but she won't see you online..


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