Why do all women like me, but none want to go out with me? What am I doing wrong?

I've been trying to find someone to settle down with for much longer than I care to admit. I talk to women and they seem to like me, but always turn me down when I ask for a date. I really am tired of being alone all the time and don't understand what I'm doing wrong. There has to be something about me that makes me untouchable. I wish I knew what it was so I could change it. It's been like this my whole life. I smile. I'm nice. I like to listen to them and enjoy talking at length about anything we might have in common. Any advice could help. Thanks.


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  • I am reading me, me, I... in just the question title!
    Let's reverse that thinking, begin thinking you, you, you & maybe "us" might be suggested by a gal.

    Now let's get rude... why should a gal go into a house when shopping when curbside it has no appeal? Makes no sense, since it's the inside she'll be living 23.5 out of 24 hours/day.
    SO it's what she's getting from the get-go that drives her shopping and to save time, she culls out those with no street appeal.

    Show these gals some curb appeal.
    You may want to ditch your creamy shave around the edges barber shop for a his&hers beauty shop hair stylist that gives ample tips on your appearance enhancements, then off to your favorite exercise performed at least 3hrs/day x4/week - this could include dancing (see below)

    Now that they have stopped to talk (yes, you have some of this but more = better)
    they are now shopping for more... what can this guy give me I find attractive in lifestyle hereafter?
    What women wants - the subject of books, movies, et al. is easily obtained with your own eyes, if you let them travel enough. Look where they congregate! Be good at those things!
    > Golf? ... not really too many there, right?
    > Dancing... women fight over a good dancer
    > Out to dine... ability to give rest & respect through dining orders
    > Shopping... unless you work at a women's store, am stumped on how to help here... curb appeal should have taken care of this item anyway
    > At home building & maintaining a nest... be The One she can call husband, provider, father to kids
    > Church... no matter how inwardly wicked one is, joining this club usually give immediate respect & embraces, as if wearing a badge or uniform...
    > Socials... these can be easy to join volunteer, nonprofits, even political BS
    Participate & demonstrate a true need to excel in these items, then carry a stick to beat them off of you

    • Sorry didn't see this until just now. I was unaware of how to read answers to my question. I appreciate the advice very much. I guess most of your advice is around physical appearance and joining clubs. I admit I'm not really attractive though I already exercise quite a lot. 3 hours a day I cannot do, because I have a full time job. These days it's almost exclusively walking an hour a day because I injured both knees about 2 years ago from doing more high-impact stuff. That rules out dancing unless it's slower dances. I have the nest building down because I have a good stable job with benefits. Dining out is no problem. I feel awkward joining a church since I'm not religious and sitting through 2 hours of a lecture that would put me to sleep, seems a bit disingenuous. But maybe I could just leave early everyday, or show up really late. And I have looked into volunteering. I will do more on that end.

    • You're NOT really dedicated to this goal = failure, really nothing else of any importance

      Everyone in dance class HAS a full time job, ALL ages... sometimes the 70-something will have to rest or the 16-somethings have to study... but both do it there so they can remain part of the team, soak up something they might miss being away

      Knees, hips & ankle, etc. problems abound in ANY sport/class; we brace them up and make them work until surgery repair day; knee surgery is about to get easier in 2015. THEY didn't RULE OUT dancing and of course don't have this SOCIAL problem to WISH to have... for lack of dedication to rid self of it.

      MOST people in church try not to fall asleep & hardly are a reflection of Jesus, God, etc. Many are there for business. You NEED this, bub. We ALL can learn from EVERY encounter, even if YOU are there for the social so badly needed... just listen to you is proof enough.

      No looking into volunteering, just join whatever crops up, do it and never leave

    • Well, that all sounds good except for the bracing part. My doc has warned me away from that type of stuff and I ignored him before. I won't again. But I can do that other stuff.

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