Tinder and 'relationships'?

The other day I met this guy from Tinder- we'd been messaging for a few days beforehand- we went out, had a great time and then hooked up. He messaged me the next day and was like 'I had an awesome time' blah blah blah. And we've had a few text conversations since then. We both have crazy schedules and haven't been able to meet up again but it's only been like 3 days so no big deal.

After this I can see that he's been on Tinder since then, and I mean so have I but I'm not looking at the minute. I was wondering if it's okay to bring up 'exclusivity', if I am sleeping with someone- even casually I don't like sleeping with other people and I don't really like the idea of the guy sleeping with someone else either. Can I bring up this up to him? I don't want him to think that I am going all crazy clingy etc?

I'm pretty sure it's just going to stay casual with this guy because he's in town for a few months on a work contract and I move around a lot for work so I am not really looking for a 'real' relationship at the moment.

Also I mentioned him going out with other people and he said that he's been so busy with work since he got here that I'm the first person he's been out with and he hardly has time to 'go out with other people'. It could be the truth or not..


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  • Hmmm sounds exactly like the guy I hooked up with through tinder as well. Suspicious :D


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  • This does sound a tad clingy.. Especially if he's in town for a few months :/

  • I don't think he will agree to see just you. Don't get your hopes up