Guys... pretend like you are on the Steve Harvey show lol... Can you make out if this guy is interested just by his response to my text?

Steve Harvey has a segment on his show where he reads a guys text message to a women to determine if this guy is interested. To keep it shirt, I have been dating this guy for 6 months. I met his family 2 months in but we thought things were moving too fast so we slowed things down bc he was not where he wanted to be in life at that time. We realy like each other. Lately he has been a a good mood bc he's going back to school and it seems like he's trying. He still takes me out to eat and go to church with me. We haven't made it official yet and I'm hoping that will change around Vday. I sent a text yesterday and it reads..."Tgif... Random but it feels like it's going to be a good year for me. I had a good feeling last year and I did. Funny because I feel the same about you too. #breakthrough #blessings #church #pray" and his response was "It will be a great year for you." He seems to be confident that I will have a GREAT year. I didn't reply back why does he think that. A couple of friends told me that reading it makes them think that he was trying to send me a hint. I didn't text "we" because we are not official. What do you think? Your thoughts will either make me confident or give me something to think about bc it is common for the guy to approach the women about taking it to the next level I hear.


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  • He was just reassuring you that you will have a good year. Like in case you didn't completely believe yourself. Just trying to make you feel better. No hidden message. Guys don't get that complicated. It means by definition exactly what he said


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