How do I handle a guy who doesn't have a plan for life?

Okay so i have known this guy for 5 years but we have been casually dating for 8 months now. last night i took him to dinner. he ordered a few meals only talked about his body and how he is so busy. his busy life consist of naps and exercise. anyways. tells me he doesn't care about is grades with school. he's been in school for 4 years now. only works one day a week. how do i handle this? I'm really disappointed right now because i had thought he would be smart being at a university living in a fraternity. also claiming busy with jobs which obviously is a sneaky lie. do i deal? talk to him? move on? I'm so confused because we have had a good personal connection with everything. i thought he was everything i wanted till last night. maybe I'm being too hard?


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  • He's not boyfriend material. You can't change him. Either settle for someone who'll likely be a bum in life, or date him while keeping ur options open, or hitch your wagon to a dude going nowhere.

    • why would i go for someone going no where in life when the reason I'm turned off is he doesn't have a plan to go anywhere in life?

  • I would move on. Because It is no point to go with no point. He is everything for you but it doesn't mean you are everything for him as he doesn't have plan for anything. I won't take this risk.

    • do you mean I'm everything for him and he's not everything for me? I'm lost.

    • I mean you may want to marry him but he may not know if he want to. How long you gonna wait until he know what he want?

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