She Said She's Scared?

About a month ago I started talking/dating a girl. We have so much in common and get along great. Our first few dates went really good. I really liked her. She seemed really into me.

Our fourth date I brought her dinner and watched a movie. We made out. We talked for a while. We had a great time and laughed. I tried making plans with her last Saturday to go on a hike but she was busy with work. So I made plans for bowling and a movie at her place last Wednesday. We had a good time bowling. We ended up making out again after the movie... passionately. She said she wasn't ready for sex and I told her I would wait. She was all over me, though. We made plans that night to go see live music for last night and I left.

I got a text from her yesterday saying she couldn't make it and proceeded to tell me she wasn't ready for a relationship. She thought i was an awesome guy and thought she was ready but couldn't do it. I told her if anything was bothering her I would talk to her. She said nothing was bothering her and didn't want to waste my time. Later I responded with "Alright.. bad timing I guess." She responded, "Hey I'm sorry.. I'm scared I guess." I said, "Of what?" She said, "I don't think I'm on your level yet." I asked her what she meant. "I feel like don't know you well enough to like you as much as you seem to like me." I didn't respond. I don't expect her to really open her feelings right away. I know that comes with time and trust. I want to talk to her.. but at the same time I feel like the damage is done. I really do like her. Does she seem to be willing to talk things over or is she telling me that it's over. Any advice is appreciated.


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  • Move on. She has told you she isn't as invested as you, and it sounds as if she doesn't want to be invested. Anytime I see the infamous "I'm scared" line, the cynic in me says "next. . It is usually a coward's way if saying " not interested in pursuing this. "

    I would leave the ball in her court and see if she gets in touch.


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  • From what i am thinking is she telling you that it's over but you can ask her to a small talk then bring up the problem slowly i think it will help :)


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