Can someone you are really interested in ( in love) influence, or make yourself reconsider (change) your lifegoal, (plan)?

let say you live in Canada, and your life goal is to go in 5 years to australia. But you meet a nice girl/guy in the meanwhile and fall in love with him.

Would you reconsider your plans in life for him? and like, say: well, im sure it can be great in Canada too! if that what it takes to stay with him/her


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  • For me? no.

    But in general, I'd say; yes it can make
    people reconsider what's to be done.

    But if one changes his goal/dream for a person
    then that goal/dream, was never truly, that persons
    dream/goal in the first place.

    Humans are wired, having a hard time settling for
    any less, than they'd decided on, so if they change
    or make changes to this, it's because they weren't
    content with it. So, yeah. ^.^

    • i understand what you mean, but maybe its a goal, but love is a bigger one?

      Like, myself for exemple: my lifegoal would be to become an enlgish teacher in japan, go there and live there and be happy there.

      But my biggest lifegoal in life is to find 1 girl that i will love and that will love me too, and be happy with her for the rest of my life. So, if I think that 1 girl could be ''that'' girl, i would go with her, even if she dont want to go to japan at all! and stay in Canada.

      Its not that its not my goal to go to japan, its just that finding a girl is even a bigger one.

      So i dont know if anybody thinks like me.

      But thanks for your opnion!

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  • I wouldn't mind Canada..

    • ok haha, but the place was not the point here my friend :) its more like, lets say you live in USA, and 1 of your dream was to go to australia, in 5 years. But, in the meanwhile, you find an awesome guy, and you fall in love with him, and you are soo happy with him, and he loves you back of course. Would you stay with him in USA and give up on going to australia, because you dont wanna loser him, or would it be heartbreaking, but you would still leave him and go to australia?

    • Usa is &££&*%*(*. No usa for me.

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  • Since I'm a guy and I have plans and goals and all. F**k!! Naw. Get her name, number, get back to her later. she'll be around. But if we were in a relationship that's different.

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