Is a meet up a date?

Ok so i've been texting a girl for a little while and she stated she wanted to meet me, awe are in the progress of arranging a meet up, what i'm wondering is is this 'meet up' a date or just a meet up?


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  • you can call it both.

  • From my expperience, most girls either believe a 'meetup' is a date or even the beginning of your long term relationship. First off, what do you want it to be and if not looking for a relationship, I would cut it right here. I do not support casual dating as many times the girl tends to fall for the guy. Be a decent guy and be straight about what you want to this gurl from the get go.

    • Oh i'm wanting a relationship, it's just i have an anxiety issue so regardless of weather it's a date or not i would be kinda stressed, not met this girl before, i just need to know, hep me deal with the anxiety

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    • My whole family are anxious, it's something always present, i've learned to live with it, it's not that bad i've got coping mechanisms, and i did actually seek help while i was at uni

    • Accepting an abnormatlity doesn't make it right and being on full 'freak out mode' suggesting to me that your anxiety has been adequately managed. Speak with Marnie once. She will help you out. I have to go now.

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