Did I ruin a chance with my crush/would you find this weird?

Hi everyone! So, I'm a single guy, recently out of a LTR. Recently I was out with some friends at a restaurant and saw a beautiful waitress there. I thought she was super cute and I asked someone else what her name was. Anyway, I didn't want to do anything just yet, so we continued on with our night, went home, etc. I figured I would try stopping by another time and see if she was there. I'm very nervous about all this, and honestly, I'm inexperienced since I was a relationship the last few years. I had also asked some friends advice and also some that knew her about her as well, and she seems like a cool person.

So, I went back a few times and even asked if she was working, but to no avail. Also I didn't want to be that typical guy who tries hitting on or spewing compliments at her, as I'm guessing it probably happens a lot. I was hoping to get her as a waitress and just act friendly and normal and chat a little maybe, then leave a nice note with the tip, that has my # and whatnot.

So moving on! I went last night again and she wasn't there, but before I was about to leave I noticed she had just gotten there. She unfortunately had gone in the back, so I didn't see her anymore. But I got really nervous and was trying to decide what to do, and I ended up writing a quick note and asked my waitress if she could give it to her, and she said sure.

I wanted to say something to her at least before giving her just some note :/ but at the same time, I just was so unsure what to say, and before I knew it she had gone in the back, the note was simple and not creepy, and it had my name and number. But my question I guess is, do you think I messed up my chances by doing this? I know everyone is different, but to the girls, if a guy did this sort of thing to you, would you be creeped out? Think it was cute? Confused? I'm just not sure what to feel and I feel like I goofed up. :( I really like her though, agh, I just wish I could have talked to her, I feel so dumb!


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  • Im sure she got other notes from guys too, considering the fact that she's cute and all. It wasn't creepy, no. But who knows? You might be the lucky one and u might get a call :) try going there again and try to talk to her, so she wouldn't think its just a note from some guy.

    • Yea thanks, I reeeaaally wanted to at least say something to her yea :/ If this note doesn't work out then yea, I may wait a little while and then try going again when she is there. I'll just be honest and tell her I was really nervous and not very good at this, but that she seems cool and I'd like to get to know her better. I can be confident, I'm just so darn anxious and think too much sometimes.

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    • Alright, yea I probably would avoid right out saying "I think you're cute" because that just feels shallow and while she is, I don't just want to know her just for her looks. Should I mention that I wrote the note and then apologize if it was awkward and then tell her I was nervous and such? I feel like I should, becuase after telling her my name, she'll probably put 2 and 2 together if she doesn't already know who I am from the other waitress or if she looked me up. I don't know. Sorry, if these are stupid questions xD I just want to play it smart and not come off as weird or stalkerish, cuz I really don't want that. And yea, I would def. ask her if she's interested as well.

    • Yes, mention the note so she would know who it was. And dont worry , they're not stupid :p. Be urself and act cool and casual about it. And be confident!

      I'd like to know what happens, so keep me updated! :)

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