Are you staying all night?

My guy & I have been together almost a yr n a half. We both stay occasionally at each others homes. Due to our jobs & children it's limited. He has told me stories of past girlfriends they would leave belongings all over his house & he hated it. He hated they tried to live with him. He likes his space... so do I! I mentioned I left a sweater at his house figuring he wouldn't like it, his reply was "you can leave what ever you need to @ my home". Then , the past few times I've been at his home he's ask if I'm staying all night. I told him I didn't realize he wanted me to that night. His reply, " I want you to stay anytime you want to stay with me". It's a little confusing he told me the story of past gf's then say I'm more than welcome. Opinions welcome?


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  • sounds like he is falling in love with you ;) maybe more than he did with the previous girls