Is he taking it slow? Or is he just fooling around?

Two years ago, i met this guy who i had a crush on, but nth happened, we've become casual friends n just kept our casual talks. However, almost a month ago, we started talking again on daily basis n started hanging out a lot, i see him at least 3 times a week
2 weeks ago, He told me that he likes me, he introduced me to two of his best friends (however i dont know he introduced me as what, a friend or what?)
Whenever we r together, we act all cute as in holding hands n all those cute stuff lol
Last night we went clubbing n kissed, i can see this progressing but the problem is that
whenever I encourage talking about US, he gets all sarcastic, as in he teases me n bounce my questions back to me..
From knowing him, he is a bit shy and he tends to joke about almost everything
My question is, is he taking things slow? Or this is as far as it would get because he never talks about us?
I mostly need guys opinions please, I'd like to know from a guy's point of view, if ure not looking for a serious relationship, wld u introduce the girl to ur friends or not? Also if there are any signs i can tell by if this is a casual or a start to sth.


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  • 3 months are enough for him to determine what he wants i guess , but still chances are that he is taking it slow , however , only time will make you sure of his intentions , or maybe after a while if he didn't say anything then try to act a little distant and see his reaction

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