Why is he saying different things?

Me and this guy have been friends for over 2 years. When we first met he was very flirtatious with me and I do admit I was flirtatious with him too. Anyway, I went out with one of his best friends (we have broken up now, he was happy for us to be in a relationship) and we have started talking again. Another one of our friends (which me and him are close with) told me he actually likes me and I told this person that I also like him back. But when I questioned him about it he told me he doesn't like me like that, just as a good friend.

Last night, we were cuddling on the couch (a bunch of us went to a friend's house, we ended up staying there) and we made out, he was stroking my body. I really did like it. Anyway, I know he likes this other girl and so I asked him about her and he told me he loves her.

What I really don't understand is if he loves her, why was he being like that with me last night? Why does he say he only likes me as a good friend yet he was doing that stuff with me?


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  • He likes someone else. Don't waste your time

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