Guys... GIRLS..i just had a freaky brake up last month but now I have found out my best friend (guy) has a huge crush on me what do I do?

If you'd been friends with a girl or guy for several years and you found them attractive... then realised they had been crushing on you for most of those years would you risk the friendship?:/


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  • I would. Usually one's best friend would make the best partner because you're more comfortable around them than anyone else, they've seen you at your low points and still love you, they don't judge you, they know what you like and what you don't like, and so on.

    As long as you both are faithful to each other, communicate often, and don't play any games, there is no reason why you two would not work out.


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  • why "risk" a friendship? can you explain what you mean?

  • Awww DO IT! You probably already know if you'd make a decent couple. And if it all works out it will be super adorable! I say give the guy a chance :D

    • Yeah but what if i upset him im not the lovey type of girl..

    • Just make sure he knows that

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